Mental Focus in Sports !

Mental focus has to do with how they talk internally within their own mind. Athletes are constantly asking themselves questions and then answering those questions within a second. They either ask the wrong question or answer the wrong answers.

When the above thinking process is done in a negative way then athletes will experience a vicious cycle that will prevent them from attaining the results or level that they want in sports.

Athletes must learn to ask or think of positive questions along with answering those questions in positive ways in order to eliminate negatives, fears, doubt, self-sabotage and nervousness. All of these are experienced because you don’t have the answer and information that will allow you to achieve the desired results that you might want in training or in competition. Athletes usually will only pay attention to mental focus at the elite levels in their sport because the natural athletes have natural talents and abilities that seem to allow them to overcome the majority of mental focus problems.

This action will work to a certain extent for the elite or champions but it will show up from time to time and you won’t be able to solve the mental focus problems and this is where the panic, nervousness, fears, self-doubt and negatives will show up.

Here are the steps to achieve peak mental focus in sports :

1. You have to know if you are an athletes who is visual, auditory or kinesthetic because you need to know which type your are in order to know how you communicate either with yourself or other people.

2. You have to learn how to associate yourself to the good or positives things that will support the desired outcome.

3. You have to learn how to dis-associate yourself from the negative thought perterns in order to eliminate these from your mind.

4. You need to know how to anchor new thought patterns in order to support the exact desired outcome that you want in training and during competition.

5. You need to pinpoint, diagnose and solve the mental focus in your sport because it will prevent you from achieve peak performance to the level that you want.