Top 5 Good Carbs for Weight Loss

For proper body nutrition and growth, carbohydrates play a major role, and that is why you should know about the good carbs for weight loss. The energy that we build to do any physical or mental task has been derived from the carbohydrate. Our body simplifies carbohydrate and our cells generate energy from simplified carbohydrates. Now, when it comes to a balanced diet, we generally omit the high percentage of carbohydrate. Well, this is nothing but wrong perception of dieting. In order to gain energy for the body and to lose weight significantly, you need to have carbs or carbohydrates in adequate percentage on a daily basis.

1. Sweet potatoes

When it comes to good carbs for losing weight, you should consider including sweet potatoes as rich sources of carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes do not contain vegan fat and furthermore, it consists of tons of fibers as well as water. The best thing about sweet potatoes is that they taste good and thus it is not at all difficult to consume them by incorporating them in daily meals. Regular consumption of sweet potatoes will keep you fit, energetic and slim. It goes well in various contemporary recipes and furthermore you can always produce innovative foods with sweet potatoes.

2. Brown rice

Brown rice is another rich source of carbohydrates, having plenty of water percentage to offer. Like other whole grains, brown rice is also a good source of rich fibers. Like white rice, brown rice does not contain starch and thus they do not induce any vegan fats in the body. Brown rice gets cooked easily, though due to lack of starch they remain a little chewy. It has a unique taste and you shall surely gradually start loving it.

3. Whole wheat pasta

If you are a pasta lover, then good news for you – whole wheat pasta comes at the rank three of our list. Whole wheat pasta contains a high percentage of fiber that comes from wheat obviously. It satisfies your cravings perfectly, and at the same time does not deliver any sorts of fats to your body. Whole wheat pastas taste good and thus they can be used for consuming regularly to curb body fat.

4. Popcorn

Probably we all love popcorn, but have you ever though that they can help you with weight loss? Well, popcorn in a rich source of carbohydrate, having good fibers that are required for the body. It does not contain fats and thus it does not induce fat percentage of your body. You can satisfy your hunger with popcorn and can save yourself from the fats enriched foodstuffs. For effective weight management, you should try popcorn, when you feel hungry in the evening or afternoon.

5. Watermelon

Inclusion of watermelon in this list of carbohydrates may be a little surprising to you, as only a few of us know that it is a carbohydrate. 93 percent of watermelon consists of water and rests are carbohydrate fibers. It helps in weight reduction, keeps water balance of our body intact and delivers some of the necessary minerals to our body cells. Thus, a list of good carbs for weight loss will remain incomplete without watermelon.